My latest solo travel guide focuses on lovely London

Check it out here. How to avoid Bali Belly on your solo trip to Bali We have to get real for a second because Bali Belly is a menace I am, unfortunately, all too well acquainted with. It’s essentially an upset stomach or travellers’ diarrhea that you can get while travelling around Bali. Predominantly caused by contaminated food and water, stay away from Bali’s tap water as it isn’t potable. Although experts say to not drink the ice in Bali, it’s government-regulated now and safe to drink. I also take Travelan before lunch and dinner in Bali and it seems to be the magic ingredient. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited as I was when I travelled around Bali for one month without getting sick.

Life goals, friends ??. If you do inevitably get struck down by Bali Belly, make sure you stay hydrated, take rehydration drinks (available from convenience stores) and stick to a bland diet. Bali Belly is also why I highly recommend purchasing travel insurance before your solo trip to Bali. Is Bali safe for solo female travellers? This is probably one of the most commonly-asked questions when it comes to solo travel in Bali. In my option, Bali is safe for solo female travellers. Personally, I’ve never felt afraid while walking around Bali alone.

My Complete Solo Traveller’s Guide to Lovely London

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read the full disclosure policy here. Keep reading to find out where I stayed in London, solo escort Santa Rosa London travel tips and the best things to do alone in London. It’s about time I wrote a guide on solo travel in London. I’ve spent nearly a month in London overall, so I’m basically a local ???+?. It’s one of my favourite cities to visit – there’s just so many cool neighbourhoods to visit and attractions to see. It’s also a great city to visit as a solo traveller. So here’s my guide to visiting London by yourself, including the best things to do alone in London. If you’ve ever wondered what to do alone in London, I have you covered.

Solo London travel tips First up, here are a couple of travel tips for fellow solo travellers visiting London alone. Most importantly, be aware of your surroundings in busy places as there are pickpockets in London (like every other major city in the world). I also found I felt safe walking from the tube back to my hostel at night alone, as it was located on a busier street and there were always people around. However, I only did this on a couple of occasions. As always, do what feels right to you. All of the amazing things to do alone in London listed below are daytime activities anyway. How to get to London alone Hello, my name is Hayley and I am now a pro at travelling to London alone.

The best hostel in London for solo travellers In my opinion, the best hostel in London for solo travellers is Wombats City Hostel

So far I’ve arrived and departed from London by plane, train and bus. I’ve flown in and out of London from both Vancouver and Australia – check Skyscanner for the best flight deals. I’ve also taken the Eurostar from London to Paris and FlixBus to Bruges. Within the UK, I have taken National Express buses and the train from London as well. So yes, there are plenty of ways to get to and from London. How to get around London Public transport is fantastic in London, so take advantage. I used the tube most days and even caught a few buses. I simply relied on Google Maps to figure out which tube line or bus would take me to my destination.