Traditionally, the Lebanese wedding party is a party of family and friends. It is an awe-inspiring event with intricate decorations and jaw-dropping cakes. It includes fireworks and belly ballet dancers. It is a time to celebrate the couple’s fresh life together.

The Lebanese wedding begins with a mass service, plus the bride and groom will be adorned with crowns and robes. That they sit on a throne[n]: bench; chair. They are then blessed by women of all ages from both equally families. They also offer high-pitched blessings with loud sounds.

They are after that presented with a treat by the groom’s family. This usually consists of a gold necklace or bracelet. The gift is normally presented before all the guests. After they have already been presented, the bride and groom sing a music to celebrate the happy occasion.

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The traditional wedding dessert is made from barley and wheat. As well as covered with ornate floral models. It is minimize with a etiqueta blade. This is a tradition that dates back to old times. That symbolizes the unity and sweetness of the newly the wife and hubby.

Ahead of the wedding, a pre-wedding party is definitely held by groom’s family group. The bride’s family is likewise asked to the get together. It can be kept at the bride’s house or at an luxurious location. This get together is similar to the bachelor/bachelorette party.

A traditional Lebanese wedding pastry is made of whole wheat and barley. It is usually protected with lavish patterned models to symbolize all the best for the couple.